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                 ER Nurse Starter Pack for Twitter



You’ve decided to be a part of the growing free open access to medical/nursing education (FOAMed, FOANed) movement on Twitter.  Congratulations! We’ve curated a list of top contributors to get you started. 


#ENA   #BCEN   #Nursetwitter   #Medtwitter   #FOAMed   #FOANed   #TweetRN   #NursED


@TraumaLarson- ER/Trauma RN, host of TraumaNrsngToGo podcast

@ashleyliebig- Flight nurse and SMACC contributor

@ResusTonight- Resuscitation Tonight with Allan & Rob-ER Nurses

@reepRN- Critical care nurse educator

@nursekelsey-Trauma ICU nurse

@Thatclinical-Clinical instructor/tutor

@billkinkle-RN, co-host of Health Professionals in Recovery podcast

@JeffSolheim-ER RN, past ENA president, ER educator

@TraumaSoapBoxes-Trauma Clinical Nurse Specialist


@airwaycam- Rich Levitan-ER MD/airway obsessed

@HandtevyMD -Peter Antevy-Pediatric/EMS medical director

@emcrit -Scott Weingart (editor)-Critical Care and Resuscitation


@jducanto- Anaesthesiologist, inventor of SALAD technique and Ducanto suction catheter (if you don’t have this at your hospital, get it ASAP)

@emupdates- EM updates edited by Dr. Reuben Strayer

@drjeffjarvis- ER/EMS MD-co-host of EMSLighthouse podcast

@srrezaie- Salim Rezaie-ER/IM MD, founder of REBELcast podcast

@EM_RESUS- Sam Ghali-ER MD/Resuscitationist

@EMSwami- ER MD, REBEL EM co-host

@mastinmd- EM/IM MD- contributor to REBELcast


Other Healthcare Professionals:

@gingerlockeATX- Paramedic educator, host of Medic Mindset podcast

@drtaniaglenn-Psychologist specialized in PTSD in the first responder

@ChillaPharmD-ER pharmacist (see also @TILEDPharmD)

@christifulli88-Flight medic/educator, co-host of FOAMfrat podcast

@ireland_sam1-Flight medic/educator, co-host of FOAMfrat podcast


@EDeducate (Brit podcast)- ED educators, EDeducate podcasters

@TraumaNrsngToGo- 10 minute trauma case studies podcast (see also @TraumaLarson)

@medicmindset- EMS educator podcast (see also @gingerlockeATX)

@foamfrat- EMS educator podcast (see also @christifulli88 and @ireland_sam1)

@peoplearewild- ER travel nurse with shenanigans 


@ENAorg- Emergency Nurses Association

@from_bedside Lessons from the bedside- platform for the weekly #tweetrn chat, 9pm Eastern (US)

@TILEDPharmD- Today I Learned- ER pharmacy rotation

@NineOneOneBCP- 911 Buddy Check Project- advocates for first responder mental health

@thosewecarry- The Haunted One- a safe space to share difficult, haunting or triumphant stories.

For Fun:

@AmyGDalaMD-funny pediatrician

@Dshadowgazer-funny radiologist

@GoodishIntent- Omnitensivist- funny intensivist

@DGlaucomflecken- funny ophthalmologist

@theqwordpodcast- follow us!

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