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episode 6

Gallows Humor, or Is it OK to Laugh in the ER?

Lisa and Nyssa tackle one of the biggest taboos in emergency medicine: laughter in the ER.  Why it happens, is it appropriate, and if it is, when is it appropriate?  

Image used with permission from Morbid Holiday. Thanks Dave!

To Epi Or Not To Epi: A Special Epi-sode.

For many years, epinephrine has been used as treatment for cardiac arrest, but a new study- PARAMEDIC2- released by the New England Journal of Medicine challenges that notion.  Nyssa and Lisa discuss the protocols, findings, ethics, and implications of the study, in an effort to introduce nurses to the idea that some big changes in ACLS may be just around the corner. 

episode 7:A fast track...


episode 8 

Dear ER Nurse, With Love From The Flight Crew

Nyssa and Lisa talk about the intersection of experiences between the pre-hospital and ER.  In this conversation - part one of the Q Word Podcast's first trilogy - Nyssa puts on her Air Flight helmet to discuss the choices she, and other flight teams, make in the air which differ from the way things are done in the hospital.

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