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Episode 0

Episode 0: Welcome to the Q Word Podcast

Meet Nyssa (rhymes with Lisa) and Lisa (rhymes with Nyssa) and learn why this is called The Q Word Podcast.  


PEEP = Positive End Expiratory Pressure: a ventilator setting that splints the lungs open at the end of an exhale.  Great tool, unless you have asthma or another obstructive process, then you get ZEEP.

Episode 1

Episode 1 - The OG ER RN, or "Tore Up From The Floor Up"

Nyssa and Lisa interview ER nurse Donna Brannen, one of Nyssa's mentors, who drops some seriously golden advice and the mic (literally).   She speaks frankly about third year residents, administration, ICU versus ER, night shift versus day shift, and why she wears mismatched shoes.  


Episode 2

Episode 2 - No. 2, or The Scoop on Poop

More than you ever wanted to know about poop.  How Nyssa almost quit nursing when she first encountered it in the ER, and how she - and all nurses - get used to it after a while.


The Bristol Stool Chart:

pictures of poop logs if you want to chart your own poop logs

The Bristol Stool Chart:

this time for kids

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