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episode 15

Air Supply: Outta Nothin' At All -- ApOX and SALAD Techniques in the ER

In the final installment of this trilogy of interviews, Nyssa and Lisa talk to the three Musketeers of airways - the Boone brothers Michael and Bryan, and Tyler Christifulli - about inflatable dinosaur suits, most excellent mustachios, and how and why you should bring the SALAD and ApOX intervention techniques from the ambulance or the air and into the ER. 

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episode 16

The Worst Thing I've Ever Seen: What Not to Ask an ER Nurse, and Why

Lisa and Nyssa explore the question ER nurses are always asked: "what's the worst thing you've ever seen?"  Learn why nurses respond the way they do, why it is not a good question for small talk, and why a better conversation starter might be whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.


episode 17

How to Bring Home the Bandages: Interview Tips for Jobs in ER Nursing

Whether you're a baby nurse applying for your first job or a seasoned nurse looking for a new position, Nyssa and Lisa have the tips and tricks you need to impress potential employers. Don't be an unemployed clueless dinosaur in a low-cut dress! Since you can’t take Alexa with you, tune in to learn better ways to nail that interview.

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