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The 3.5 Biggest Lies in Nursing

Nyssa and Lisa talk about customs and concepts that pervade the ER which should be re-examined.  Learn why "He/she is a good nurse, but...", "Everybody [or nobody] does it that way," and "No one will ever know" are little lies every nurse should watch out for in their practice.

episode 4:A fast track...

Cootie Cleaning

Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to sanitize your work wear after your shift?  Nyssa and Lisa talk about your cooties in their first fast track (mini) episode -- a quick and dirty conversation about how to not bring the hospital home with you.


Episode 5

So You Wanna Be A Flight Nurse?

Nyssa and Lisa give you the

real deal on how to build a robust resume, score an interview, and insider tips on breaking into the industry.  

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