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episode 34

Truth, Justice,

and a Better Supraglottic Airway

Supraglottic airways are getting more and more spotlight time.  Nyssa and Lisa discuss how, when you have a patient that comes in from the prehospital world with a SGA airway in place, the best practice is to leave it alone if it's working until you've addressed bigger issues.  Seems simple, right?  Let's find out why this paradigm shift is so important, and how to incorporate it into your practice.


episode 35

RSI = Resuscitative Sequence Intubation, or Resuscitate Before You Intubate!

In the critically ill trauma patient, optimizing airway, breathing, and circulation is not always as easy as the ABCs.  In this episode, Nyssa and Lisa discuss resuscitative sequence intubation and how it differs from a crash intubation or a delayed sequence intubation. We also consider how to handle the special cases of TBI patients and the combative trauma patient. 


episode 36

Three Case Studies:

The Q-Word Podcast Storytime Hour

Nurses can learn a lot from case studies but they run the risk of being pretty snoozey. Not these three stories! Check out these bizarre case studies and the ER lessons that we learn from them. Nyssa originally presented this lecture live, in front of an audience at the excellent Southeastern Seaboard Symposium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Enjoy "The Chef Without a Tongue", "Eleven Blue Men" and the "Pitcher Who Struck Out Murderer’s Row".

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