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episode 9

Winging It: Imposter Syndrome and the Emergency Nurse

Do you feel like you are making things up as you go along just to look like you know what you are doing?  Do you feel like you don't belong -- that someone made a mistake trusting you with the health and well-being of your patients?  This phenomenon is more widespread than you think -- and if you suffer from imposter syndrome, you are in good company.  Nyssa and Lisa talk about how to recognize this issue, what types of personalities most suffer from it, and how to deal with in it in your practice.

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episode 10

Kickin' it at the Poison [Control] Center

Nyssa tells Lisa about her field trip to the Georgia Poison Center to chat with long-time director Dr. Gaylord Lopez.  Learn from the man himself about what the Center does, how they do it, and why it is better to call them instead of relying on Google to answer questions about what you may have eaten, breathed in, touched, or otherwise come into contact with that might make you sick.  And catch an ear-worm that just might end up saving your- or your patient's-life.  


episode 11:A  Halloween fast track...

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Nyssa and Lisa take a field trip to the Forest Hills Cemetery in the outskirts of Boston to visit the final resting places of several notable doctors and nurses who formalized the profession of nursing back in the good ol' days.  Join us on this short tour of a lovely place on a creepy day, and learn a little something about the ladies who helped start it all.

The Gates of Forest Hills Cemetery
Your hosts embarking on their macabre adventure, and Nyssa at the Civil War Memorial.
The gravesites of Drs. Zakrzewska and Dimock, two leading physicians who recognized the need for and importance of formalizing the nursing profession.
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