episode 31

Managers vs. Makers;

The Battle of the Daily Schedule

Nyssa and Lisa review Paul Graham's classic productivity argument (link below!), and reframe it in the context of hospital employees, where the administration (a.k.a. managers) and the boots-on-the-ground medical personnel, specifically nurses (a.k.a. makers), are often at odds because of their wildly divergent schedules.  So how is a 9-5, M-F management team supposed to train, meet with, evaluate, and develop an everything *but* 9-5, M-F nursing and hospital staff? 

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episode 32

You're Under Arrest!;

A New Blunt Traumatic Arrest Protocol

Let's face it: treating arrest after a blunt trauma may very well be a daily experience in your practice, but the standard protocols for resuscitation can actually do as much harm as good.  Nyssa and Lisa talk to Dr. Amanda Humphries-Ventura about her approach to reviving a profusely bleeding and broken patient, so that nurses in both the ER and the pre-hospital environment can make simple but important changes in how they treat arrest when acute injuries raise the stakes.