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episode 29


Trauma, Part 1:

Treating The Most

Special Population

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Following our Special Populations in Trauma series, and still sponsored by the Georgia Region V Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (RTAC), Nyssa and Lisa talk with educator Britanny Smith about how to care for what can be considered the most special, at risk population of patient: the neurodivergent.  In this first part of our two-part series, learn how to recognize the signs of ASD, ADD, ODD, and other psychiatric disorders, especially in the pediatric population, and get tips on how to treat them without causing more distress.  


episode 30

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Trauma, Part 2:

A Toolkit for Treating

The Most Special 


In the second half of this special episode, Britanny Smith shares her carefully cultivated "Toolkit" with The Q Word Podcast audience, explaining to Lisa and Nyssa how to assemble one to use in your practice when facing the complex interactions required when dealing with the neurodivergent population.  This document (link below) contains a comprehensive but concise list of Do's and Do Not's, as well as links to where you can investigate what simple items can be relied upon to help you and your patient communicate.

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