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episode 21

Nurse Led ACLS, or For the Patient, Not the Ego

When team resuscitation is the goal, let the nurses run the algorithm, and let the doctors customize the code to the patient with differentials and Hs and Ts. So says Ashley Liebig in a discussion with Nyssa and Lisa about Nurse Led ACLS, and why it is important to keep egos out of the equation.

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episode 22

Churning and Burning ER Nurses: A Soliloquy on Gangsta Rap

It's no secret that working in the ER is a stressful job, but what is the real cost of carrying all the emotional burden inherent in life-and-death situations? Nyssa and Lisa have an in-depth discussion with Workr Beeing's Patricia and Katina, two IO psychologists dedicated to making the workplace a safer place for the self.

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