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episode 18

Pediatric Red Flags, or Children Are Not Just Little Adults

Taking care of a child in the ER is a special kind of challenge, and a nurse's normal assessment tools often don't apply.  Listen in as Nyssa chats with Pediatric Emergency Room Director Rebecca Cogburn, and learn about early pediatric warning signs and how to decipher them to improve your practice.  


Episode 19

Shining a Light and Moving the Needle: An Interview with Carolyn Jones

Nyssa and Lisa sit down with photo-journalist and documentary filmmaker Carolyn Jones, whose fascination and respect for the nursing profession launched the 2014 film The American Nurse, 2017's Defining Hope, and her upcoming project, In Case of Emergency, which focuses exclusively on the ER nurse.  Learn why she thinks nurses - what they do and what they know - need to be brought front and center into the most important conversations of today.

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episode 20

45 Seconds of Silence: The Medical Pause

Nyssa and Lisa have a heart to heart (to heart) with nurse Jonathan Bartels, pioneer and author of the Medical Pause - the practice of taking a moment to stop after the death of a patient.  Learn how this simple, lovely, and healing gesture helps everyone - from patient to practitioner - reflect, honor, and acknowledge what, and who, has just passed.

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